Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Ballot Ready

This afternoon after lunch, I filled out my ballot that came in the mail a few days ago. (Lisa and I are registered as permanent absentee voters, so we would have received our ballot by mail even if Nevada wasn't sending ballots to all registered voters anyway.)

Ballot Ready to Cast

Per the directions, I folded my ballot on the pre-scored lines, inserted it into the privacy sleeve, put it in the envelope, and signed the envelope.

As usual, there are some races in which I did not vote, because they appear to be the choice between a Republican and someone who thinks the Republicans are commie pinko liberal socialists. But where I did have a real choice and some knowledge of the candidates and issues (there are five state ballot measures), I did vote. Of course at the top of my ballot was my vote for Biden/Harris. In most of the down-ballot races, it's unlikely that my vote will matter that much. For example, FiveThirtyEight gives my Republican incumbent member of Congress a >99% chance of winning, which isn't surprising given how much of his district is the rural parts of Nevada who worship Great Orange Leader and think all Democrats should be shot and who are absolutely certain that Land is what Votes, so the fact that most of the population is in the Las Vegas and Reno areas is irrelevant; only rural voters are Real Murikens (as long as they are sworn Trumplicans, of course). But the other three districts are likely to vote Democratic.

It's likely that if I mailed my ballot today it would get to Yerrington (the county seat) well in time for the election, but at the moment, Lisa and I are considering taking an afternoon drive down to Yerrington (which is fifty miles south of Fernley) and dropping it in the real official ballot box (not a fake "official" box like those the Republicans have set up in California in defiance of law and order) at the county administrative office. We could also walk to the Fernley City Hall and drop it there, but minimizing the distance between the ballot box and the county clerk's office may reduce the chance of our ballots going astray.
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