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What Day is This?

When I spend a run of several days working at home like I did this week, particularly when working on a time-shifted job like the Australia Project, I sometimes get a little disoriented. This weekend has been very quiet. The SMOFS list has drifted back to sleep. I'm not going to any conventions this weekend. [Waves those of you at Foolscap; y'all sound like you're enjoying yourselves.] There's nothing particularly interesting going on.

I had no excuse for not going out for a walk around Quarry Lakes today, so I did so. Boy, are there a lot of turkey vultures circling those lakes! At one point, I saw a ground squirrel skitter across the path in front of me, and moments later one of those vultures made a particularly low pass -- low enough that it would have hit me if I'd been there -- over the spot where that squirrel had been. I did the 6 km loop in less than 50 minutes, a pretty brisk pace for me which included having to stop twice to get rocks out of my shoes.

So here at 10 PM, which my body is interpreting to be more like 3 PM or so, I find myself wide awake. Guess I'll get back to computer programming work. Plenty to keep me occupied. Besides the Australia Project, I have a bit of freelance work on which I've something that could be done.

Yesterday, I finally figured out how to programmatically set printer settings on a report from inside Access using VBA. I have a report that must always go to a certain printer, regardless of whether the machine on which it's running has a different printer as its default, and I don't want the user to be able to override the printer assignment. The help files, as usual, aren't very helpful, and it took me hours of chasing down blind alleys before I found the right commands. This will be useful the next time I need to do this, but you'd think it would be easier to figure out how VBA addresses printer setting within a report!

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