Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Sealer of Approval

As I mentioned yesterday, we had less than a pint of sanding sealer in stock for the porch project, and were unable find gallon cans of sanding sealer in Fernley. Sherwin-Williams was running an attractive sale on paints and stains running through today, so after work, Lisa and I (and Kuma Bear, of course) drove to the South Reno store, where we bought a gallon of sanding sealer (which will act as a primer coat) and another paintbrush. As WinCo Foods is across the street from the S-W store, we also did grocery shopping there, a few days earlier than originally planned. After that, we went to Raley's for other groceries. Our larder is pretty full and then some right now.

Lisa wants to get to work on the painting before it turns cold, but there's also the issue that we're getting a lot of leaves blowing in, and keeping them off of drying paint will be a challenge.
Tags: house, paint, porch, reno, shopping

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