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We want to get started on the porch-painting project while the weather stays dry and not too cold, but there was something more important to do today.

Balloting Bear

That's right, it's time to vote! Kuma Bear guarded our ballots while we got ready to drive to Yerrington to drop off our paper ballots at the county clerk's office. While we could have mailed them shortly after they arrived in the mail (I feel pretty confident that they could have made the trip), or walked to the Fernley City Hall and deposited them in the (real) official drop box, we figured that delivering them to the same office where they are actually counting them would avoid all intermediaries, so this afternoon it was off to Yerrington.

To our disappointment, but not our surprise, the county office and polling place was full of maskless wonders. We kept our distance as best as we could. Instead of being able to deposit our ballots into the ballot box, we had to hand them over the counter to clerks who would put them into the box that was kept behind the counter. That was also disappointing. Given the number of maskless wonders doing their best to "own the libs," we got out of there as soon as we could.

Balloting Bear

Of course they don't let Bears vote, but Kuma got to have Lisa's "I voted" sticker anyway.

After a brief stop at the Yerrington Raley's, where I found something I'd been looking for but that the Reno-area Raley's stores does not stock, we headed for home. On our drive back up US-95A, we took the opportunity to satisfy our curiosity about something we've seen from the highway many times.

Fort Churchill Power Station

This is NV Energy's Fort Churchill Generating Station, located a couple of miles to the east of US-95A. According to the brochure, the station consists of two 113MW natural-gas-fired boilers, plus an adjacent 18MW solar photovoltaic facility owned by Apple but managed by NV Energy. There is a rail siding and spur that leads into the plant, and as near as I make it out, the plant is the end of the "Mina Subdivision" of Union Pacific track, although the rails (previously UP, SP, and Carson & Colorado, back in the days when one could actually take a train from Reno to Las Vegas via Tonopah) continue under US Military ownership as far as the weapons station at Hawthorne. That is, the Mina Subdivision ends about 100 miles short of Mina.

Having had a look at the power station, we went home. I've signed up for the ballot-tracking system that Nevada offers, so I'll know the steps through which the ballot goes, and if there is any problem, I should get an alert. I don't think there will be a problem, but it's better to be sure.
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