Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Keeping it Warm

Lisa is currently several hours offset from me, which is okay; after all, I'm not much fun when I'm working all day. But this does mean that since she's awake a lot of the time that I'm asleep, she can periodically put more wood in the fireplace. Consequently, things were decently warm this morning despite the sub-freezing temperatures.

This afternoon, after my work day ended and after her breakfast, I helped Lisa cut more of the ex-rear-patio boards down to burnable size. They burn much faster than the fire-logs (not surprising as they've been dried out for years as the rear deck boards), but they're quite useful when you want a burst of heat, as I did this afternoon.

When we finished with preparing the decking boards for their final service to our house, we walked down the street to the cabinet maker. (This is the business whose owner has helped us out a few times by using his forklift to unload stuff at our house for us.) They leave a pile of board trimmings outside their shop that is free for anyone to collect and take away. It burns much too hot and fast to be useful as firewood, but we periodically collect some of it and Lisa cuts it down into kindling, at which it works quite nicely.

Today was the coldest day expected this week, and it should get much warmer tomorrow. But because of the winds and dry conditions, we're also experiencing red-flag fire warnings. No Public Safety Power Shutoffs here, though.
Tags: firewood, lisa

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