Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Smoking Things Up

Last spring, we trimmed trees around the property (mostly tree-of-heaven), and I made a small pile of what I considered burnable-sized pieces that I put in the woodbox, but they were exposed to sun most of the summer. Today I burned it all. It did provide most of today's daytime heat, but I reckon I burned it sooner than I should have done.

Smokin It Up

When I put the last bundle on the fire this afternoon, it appeared to burn well enough, but this is more smoke than I would have liked. The various fire logs, for instance, produce very little smoke except when first charging up the stove. Even with the catalytic element fully engaged, we still got this much smoke. But now the spring tree trimming has given us a little something, even if just a single day's warmth.

I guess I should have left this stuff out to season for another year before burning it if I wanted it to burn more cleanly.

Oh, and yes, we do need to trim back those branches near the chimney. Job for this weekend, I reckon.
Tags: fireplace, house, smoke

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