Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

You Can Get the Wood, Sort Of

It looks like we have around two weeks' worth of firewood left at the current consumption rate. I went to Big R today and tried to order a pallet of Bear Bricks, but they told me that they don't sell that by the pallet, only by the package of six. They do, however, sell pallets of Pres-To-Logs by the pallet. I ordered and paid for a pallet, and when we can get over to Big R with the utility trailer, there will be a pallet waiting for pickup.

The inventory person at Big R wishes they were able to get the North Idaho Energy Logs, too, because she was using them in her own home. The Pres-to-Logs cost about the same as the North Idaho logs per pallet, but they're not as big and I don't think they last as long. We'll have to see how fast a pallet lasts before deciding whether to see if we can get two pallets of the North Idaho logs delivered, even with the extra hassle of unloading them. A single pallet of Pres-to-Logs we can get into the utility trailer to be unloaded at our leisure.
Tags: firewood

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