Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Subdued Halloween

While I would love to be able to show off the costume in the icon, I'm maybe 30-40 kg too heavy to fit into it. I think the last time that I wore it was 1988. Things were different back then, and this is the only photo that I can find of me wearing it, which is annoying. I still have the costume, though, and if I should ever manage to get my weight down low enough to fit into it, I still want to do Match Game SF as its UK version, Blankity Blank hearkening to its incarnation as hosted by the Fabulous Miss Lily Savage. Also, I broke the heel on one of the shoes the last time I wore the outfit. So instead you get what currently fits, which isn't much, given how many Pandemic Pounds I've put on.

Captain Kevin

I could have done better, but didn't feel like getting out the tripod to set up the Sony DSC camera with the self-timer. Like many things about this year, it will have to do.

Kuma Bear is bored because we can't go out to do anything or to have anyone see how cute he looks in his costumes. He got dressed up and we took photos of him with his jack-o-lantern. All very safely, of course.

One thing not different about this year is that there were no trick-or-treaters. They've never come here. Maybe we're just too scary in ordinary times, let alone this year.
Tags: costumes, halloween

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