Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Stick It Up Your Nose

Lisa and I have done (we think) a decent job of keeping ourselves safe from COVID-19, but when we heard that the City of Fernley (in conjunction with neighboring counties) was offering free drive-through COVID-19 tests today, we decided to take advantage of it.

Drive-Through COVID Testing

The announced start time was 2 PM, and when we arrived at 1:40, there were around 17 vehicles ahead of us (not all seen here). To the testing team's credit, they started processing people as soon as they were ready, and we finished our tests at about 2:20 and headed home. I'm sure the test team were relieved that weather was better today than it was on Sunday, although it still couldn't have been that comfortable even all kitted up.

This was the stick-a-swap-up-your-nose test. I'd heard descriptions of the test that made it seem like they were going to try swabbing all the way to your brain. This wasn't that bad. It tickled a bit, and I certainly wouldn't call it pleasant, but it was tolerable.

The instructions said that they will call us with test results when they are available. I would be very surprised to hear that either Lisa or I are positive, but it seems wise to get tested when it's available like this.
Tags: covid-19, fernley

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