Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Mild Weekend

The weather turned less cold — today it got up close to 20°C and I've let the fire run down real low. Yesterday afternoon, Lisa and I (mostly Lisa; I held tools and stuff like that) worked on some outdoor house maintenance things. Real glamorous stuff: flushing out the holding tank on the RV, cleaning the gutters, etc. What fun. Lisa climbed onto the roof from the upstairs balcony and used the weed blower and a stick to clean out the gutter. She also found an unwelcome guest on the upstairs eves and knocked it off.

Wasp Nest

This is the largest wasp nest (fortunately dead) we've seen on the property since we moved here. I put it in the fireplace.

Today I spent a lot of time getting the new computer configured and a new setup for the work area. This is the first post I've made on the new machine; the transfer of settings is going better than I expected. I'm really relieved that I was able to get all of my personal files off of the now-dead work machine before it failed. I'll write more about the new setup later. I can't make better arrangements until my employer gets around to replacing the dead work machine.
Tags: house, lisa

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