Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Smoffing About SMOFCon

I attended the last pre-con planning meeting for SMOFCon 37¼, the one-day "mini-SMOFCon" being jointly organized by SMOFCon 38 (Montreal, 2022, postponed from 2020) and SMOFCon 39 (Lisboa, Portugal). Rather than the usual three-day affair, SMOFCon 37¼ is a one-day event schedule for Saturday, December 5, 2020, running from 08:00-23:59 North American Eastern Time (UTC -5) on Zoom. The virtual Con Suite opens at 08:00. The first program item (Question Time for future Worldcon bids) starts at 09:00, and the last item (Pivoting to a Virtual Convention and Best Practices) ends at 18:30. The Con Suite will be open until 23:59. There are planned breakout sessions in the Con Suite as well. (I'm hosting a meeting for Westercon 74 Tonopah, for example), and if you're interested in setting up a breakout session, fill out the Con Suite Request Form.

Besides the organizational support from the next two SMOFCons, we're able to run this event using some of the "infrastructure" set up by CoNZealand for their programming, which is why you'll see their name in the URLs.

As of today, there are more than 200 people signed up for SMOFCon 37¼. Membership is free, but advance registration is required. If you sign up, choose "Registration," not "Program Participant," as the latter is for people who are representing Worldcon and SMOFCon bids and seated conventions or who have been invited to be on a program item.

I reckon that next Saturday is going to be a very long day for me, as I need to be on deck by 04:45 Pacific time as part of the organizing committee. Although I normally am up at 04:30 for my Day Jobbe, I don't usually have any meetings until several hours later, and my early start has to do with some tasks I must do before anyone else starts work, after which I usually go shower and grab breakfast. I don't think it would look good for me to show up at the start of the convention in my bathrobe, so I'll be up earlier than usual in order to be ready for the start. And I might just take some sort of break during that sixteen-hour convention if I get a chance.
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