Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Logging In

This afternoon, I transferred the last of the Pres-to-Logs to from the main woodbox to the smaller box by the front door. While there are still some of the leftover North Idaho Energy Logs left, I wondered why I hadn't heard back from Big R about my order for a pallet of more Pres-to-Logs. I gave them a call, and after a while spoke to the manager. It appears that my original request disappeared, and that in the future I should contact only her, because she does the ordering. She told me that they have a pallet of Bear Bricks, which are the other kind of press-wood logs they carry. Bear Bricks are made by the same manufacturer as Press-to-Logs. I told her that the last time I came looking for logs, someone in the store told me that they did not sell the Bear Bricks by the pallet. I could all but hear the manager rolling her eyes in exasperation (not with me) when she assured me that they did indeed sell them by the pallet. I reserved that pallet that they have. Lisa and I will go get that pallet tomorrow. And when I do so, I will try and put in an order for another pallet of whichever type of firelogs they can get for three weeks from now. I hope that will be long enough for them to actually get an order delivered to them.
Tags: firewood

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