Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Prepare to SMOF

Today, in preparation for SMOFCon 37¼, I spent much of the day sitting in the "Zoom Practice" session, which was a Zoom call where people could drop in, confirm that their Zoom setting work, and in some cases practice their presentations they plan to do tomorrow. We had people coming through at different times of the day from different parts of the world. At one point, most people wandered away, and even those of us who were in the room stopped talking and set to doing other things (in my case, eating lunch). I pointed out that it was somewhat like the experience of turning up for an in-person SMOFCon a day early just after the committee took possession of the Con Suite, but without the part that usually goes, "As long as you're hear, help me set up...."

I rather enjoyed it. Tomorrow will be a bunch more work and a whole lot more people. Still, after the programming ends, there will be time and plenty of Zoom breakout rooms in which to socialize. And we'll need the virtual space. I understand that about 250 people have registered. I'd better get some sleep tonight, as I have to be there even before the Con Suite officially opens at 0800 Eastern Time on Saturday.
Tags: smofcon

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