September 1st, 2005

Conrunner Kevin

Sleeping In

As my first panel today is not until 4 PM, I had the luxury of not having to set my alarm clock last night and could get up when I felt like it. Still, I can't sleep all day, and for medical reasons (I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes about eight months ago), I need to eat meals at regular intervals. So I need to get my day started. Besides, I still have a lot of writing to do.

The more I write for my GoH talk, the more I wish I'd asked for a data projector so I could have used the slides I made for my exhibit to go with it. In many respects, my talk is an elaboration of the stuff I put in the exhibit, with some other stories thrown into the mix to try and keep it entertaining. Some periods of time are going to get short shrift, because while they might have been successful, they aren't all that interesting. Moreover, once I have everything written down, I expect to end up having to cut a bunch of it. With me, it's hard to start writing, but once I start, it's sometimes difficult to stop.
Conrunner Kevin

Exhibit Repairs

Good thing I went back up to the Exhibit room this morning. Some of the stuff I'd put up on the walls had fallen down. One of the two walls is covered with fuzzy material to which tape does not stick well. Not only had the little signs fallen off, but more seriously, the super-sized badge from ConFrancisco did not stay up. So a bit of a rework was required. We put up large strips of wide tape attached to the bits of metal trim to which things would stick, then used that as something to which we could attach the smaller signs. The large badge we just sat on the table -- it's clearly too heavy to attach with tape to either wall. (In retrospect, strips of sticky-back Velcro might have worked to adhere to that fuzzy wall.) I will continue to check back as my schedule permits to see how it holds together.

I owe CascadiaCon an apology -- they did tell me about the revised layout, and I didn't quite absorb it because the information came while I was in the peak of Interaction planning, and thus was focused on Glasgow, not Seattle. So it's not their fault that my exhibit is not optimized for the layout they provided me.
Conrunner Kevin

Internet Access Update

Somewhat to my surprise, I can now make VPN work through the wireless connection, so maybe the $12.95/day upgraded connection is worth it after all. (There's no point in doing so after Friday, however, as my work e-mail will be down all weekend.)

I also need to disable pop-up blocking, because when I log in, a log-out/time remaining window is supposed to appear. If I don't explicitly log out, then I can't log back in again until the system times out. This makes moving from the wired connection in the hotel room to the wireless connection in the lobby problematic. I tried just giving permission to the ISP, but it didn't work. Oh, well.
Conrunner Kevin

Exhibit Shuffle

This afternoon, when I came to examine the Exhibit room (Emerald A) before my 4 PM panel, I found that the NASA display as set up obscured a bunch of the photos on the wall of my exhibit. After the 4 PM panel on "Fandom in Fifty Minutes" (advice for first-time con attendees), I went back to the exhibit and was told that the group next to my exhibit area hadn't shown up at all, so I could move over, so I did; however, this did mean having to pick up every single item in the exhibit and move it over a few feet to the left, because it's arranged chronologically. That took about an hour or so, but has the beneficial effect that now none of the pictures are posted on the wall from which they were falling off because the fuzzy surface doesn't take tape at all.

Then I decided that there was enough room to think about trying to set up one of Ed & Lori Steiner's (Science Fiction Museum of Oregon) department store mannequins to display my costume. Lori helped me with this. We worked out that we could tape the mannequin (which was missing the vertical pole and platform that would ordinarily hold it up) to the back of an ordinary chair, then put the costume on that. So I trotted back over to my hotel room and retrieved the costume. After a bit of fiddling around, we got the costume on the mannequin, but because I'm a big guy (and was even 70 pounds lighter when this costume was made) it doesn't fit very well on the mannequin, and we had to tape it into place. But because I doubt anyone who sees the costume would believe I was in it if they didn't see it, I included pictures as well.

I hope this is the last time I have to muck about with the exhibit until I take it apart on Monday.
Conrunner Kevin

Opening Ceremony

As twilight2000, my GoH liaison, escorted Lisa and me to our seats at the Opening Ceremonies, Linda Deneroff said to me, "I see you have a handler. Do you really need one?"

I laughed and said, "Probably not, but Twilight is doing a fine job. I'm not used to having people doing errands and waiting on me like this. Normally I'm the one doing the fetching and doing things for other people."

Several people offered, "Don't get used to it."

Shortly after 7 PM, CascadiaCon Chair Bobbie DuFault came on stage and introduced the Opening Ceremonies entertainment, the Kaze Daiko taiko drum group. The performed a number of taiko pieces to fair applause from the audience, and I was impressed by their energy. Then Bobbie came back on stage and introduced the various Guests of Honor, including me, inviting each of us up on stage where they presented us with an "instant costume" -- a CascadiaCon shirt and one of several different set of "deeley-boppers" -- in my case, as with many other guests, it was somewhat challenging to keep the headset actually on my head. Each of us was invited to say a few words. I encouraged people to go look at the Exhibits room and (I think) thanked CascadiaCon for inviting me.

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Now I'm under the gun and really have to finish that darn speech. Fortunately the Hilton's business center is open 24 hours, so I still have a chance to print it once I'm happy with it rather than having to read it off the screen.