September 7th, 2005

Conrunner Kevin

New Office

I found the new office in San Mateo without too much difficulty, other than I should not have tried to follow the MapQuest directions that produced the shortest path. It led me right into a school zone near my apartment, where hundreds of parents were dropping off their little darlings rather than making them walk half a mile or so, because of course it's so dangerous to walk to school. (No wonder we're all getting fatter.)

(And no, I did not have to walk ten miles to school uphill both ways; in fact, I lived almost adjacent to one of my elementary schools, and three miles from one high school and one mile from the other. I rode my bicycle a lot until I got a drivers license, whereupon I (a) started driving instead of riding and (b) started gaining weight.)

Anyway, I've unpacked all of the boxes the movers moved, and made sure my computers are working properly. Over the next few days, I will move back in the other boxes -- those I did not trust to the movers. Some are my personal effects, and therefore some of them will never move back into the office, but instead will have to find a home in my apartment, or maybe move into the storage locker if they're old enough and referenced infrequently enough.

The only good thing about moving is that it gives you an opportunity to clean up and toss out things you don't really need.

And speaking of things I don't really need, I appear to have caught a cold at CascadiaCon, despite my best efforts at washing my hands repeatedly, using hand sanitizer before eating, etc. But spending as much time around other people as I did, and getting repeatedly sneezed over at the Con Suite (that's okay; I love you anyway, Dara), are bound to take a toll. So I will head home a little early today and hope that additional sleep will help me be back in fighting trim tomorrow, when I have to put aside the past 8-12 weeks of my life and try to get back into something approaching a work routine.
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