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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Saturday, September 10th, 2005

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Sometimes, Boring is Good
It has been a pretty quiet day, which in my opinion is just wonderful. I've had a whole lot of excitement these past several months, and I could do with a few boring weekends where nothing happens. Indeed, if I hadn't needed to drive down to Sunnyvale and collect the mail from my PO Box (and take the hold off, as I'd held mail while I was traveling), I might not have gone outside at all today and spent much of the day sleeping.

Or maybe not. the upstairs neighbor here had workmen in today doing the second stage of renovations they started a month or so ago, and so for most of the day we had the sounds of loud grinding from upstairs, plus a continuous cloud of concrete dust from them grinding down her floors. It makes me glad I hadn't yet gotten around to cleaning up the patio from their first visit. (Not that I would have had time.)

But I did get out for a walk. I didn't really want to do so, but I ate such a large lunch that my sense of guilt (not to mention diabetic self-preservation) kicked me into gear, and so it was off for a walk around Quarry Lakes Park, which takes a little under an hour. I was rewarded with a blood sugar reading of 103, which is just fine for one hour after a large carbohydrate-filled meal.

Current Mood: relaxed
The Wonders of Technology
Cheryl Morgan has upgraded her Emerald City blog so that it can accept comments. I helped her test it this afternoon, as my machine isn't on her system and therefore unlikely to be afflicted by the "it worked in testing because I'm the system adminstrator" problems that I've seen happen way too often, including my own work. The mildly cool thing about this was that we were talking to each other via the Skype internet telephony service, which means that while I'm in California and she's in England, we were talking (for free) over a connection that sounded as clear as if she was sitting right next to me. It's pretty nice when the technology works.

Current Mood: pleased

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