September 16th, 2005

Conrunner Kevin

Dead Letter Office

I have discovered, much to my dismay, that the outbound mailbox in the lobby of my new office is not actually in service. Apparently there used to be a sign on the boxes that said this, but the sign got removed, and the door to the box opens, so it's physically possible to drop letters into it. Which I did earlier this week, including a bill payment. Arrgh! Fortunately, I pay most of my bills electronically these days, and this happened to be an extra payment I was making by check because the e-billing system in question couldn't handle more than one payment a month. The facilities manager has been alerted, and they're going to try and catch the mailman when he comes by this afternoon and see about getting into the box to collect the otherwise dead letters -- and then they'll see about sealing the box to stop this from happening again.

I wonder how many of my co-workers were similarly nailed by this.
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Conrunner Kevin

She is the one...

In this LJ entry I talk about my time as the Sailor Jupiter Support Squad, assisting Lisa in her Sailor Jupiter costume. I'm happy to see that Chaz now has a photo of Lisa in that costume, located on this page of his CascadiaCon coverage, or in high-res version. Pity we didn't notice that flyer located on the wall right behind her, though; we might have moved over one way or the other to give a better backdrop.

This costume is, IMO, one of the better representations of the character. You can't see the Killer Shoes in this shot, but they do a much better job of representing how I've seen the character drawn, which is probably why they're so hard on human feet. Incidentally, the answer to the question, "Do Sailor Jupiter's boot laces cross three times or four?" is "Yes."