September 21st, 2005

Pointless Arrow

Plays Well With Trains

I live near the Centerville Train Station in Fremont, and I often take a walk down to the station in the evenings around 8 PM or so. Partly this is because I do need to get out and walk -- doctor's orders -- and if I can't get a walk in during daylight hours, this is a walk in a well-lighted area, and the walk to and from the station is an appropriate length for me. But the main reason I go there is that I like trains, and there is an Amtrak Capitol Corridor train (#547) scheduled around 8:15. Because of the track configuration in this area, it also means there is usually at least one other train coming through around the same time. (Fremont-Centerville is on the longest siding between San Jose and Oakland, so dispatchers like to have trains meet here.)

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