September 25th, 2005

Conrunner Kevin

Feeling Worse

Unfortunately, not only is my cold not getting better, but it's getting worse, and signs of the bronchitis that usually accompanies a cold with me are appearing. I woke up this morning mainly because I'd gotten so stuffed up that I could no longer breath through my nose, and the CPAP machine was making a lot of noise trying to force me to do so, which woke me up.

Today's agenda, then, is to continue to rest and hope for the best. I wish I could take antihistamines, but they raise blood pressure, and mine is too high (146/86 this morning) already. Instead I will probably wind up on the sofa watching the Formula 1 Brazillian Grand Prix. I could watch it from my bedroom, but the living room has the good sound system, and F1 is better when you turn up the subwoofer.
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Conrunner Kevin

Emerald City #121

Issue 121 of Cheryl Morgan's Emerald City is now online. As part of the start of a second decade of publication, Cheryl has tweaked the format a bit. She also has opened up the Emerald City Weblog so that it accepts comments (albeit moderated to frustrate spammers). Comments on #121 can go here.
Conrunner Kevin

Words, Lots of Words

I'm still not feeling at all well this evening, but this afternoon, I finally converted my NASFiC FGoH Speech to HTML. I'm considering posting it on this LJ -- I think it will fit within the character limit -- but am concerned that even putting it behind a cut (some of the people reading this are doing so with readers that don't respect cuts) will annoy people at getting 7000-plus words dumped on them. I'd like to hear people's opinions about doing so.

This version won't include the photos. Maybe in a future version.