September 26th, 2005

Conrunner Kevin

Cough, Cough

It was a bad night last night. Despite the prescribed medication, my head never cleared sufficiently to use the CPAP, so I probably didn't sleep much. The cold is no better than it was before; indeed, the bronchitis is worsening. I hate being sick!

Despite having things that need to get done today, I'm not going in to the office. This means having to burn a day of PTO, darn it, unless I can get something useful done from home today, which is not too likely, as I'm going back to bed after posting this.

I won't be at BASFA tonight. Alas, this means no paper copies of Emerald City this month, especially if I'm sent off to Chicago next Monday as per the current plan.
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Conrunner Kevin

How I Missed Some of These, I Couldn't Tell You

Most immediately from jbriggs and lyzard13.

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Some of these are tenuous. I count Virginia only because of the Metro/Taxi ride from/to Reagan National Airport in conjunction with SMOFCon. I don't count Idaho because the only time I've been there was on board a Southwest Airlines flight that was making an intermediate stop at Boise on the way back from Spokane (we didn't even get off the plane). I also didn't count New Jersey on account of the only time I was there was changing planes at Newark. But I've actually been outside the airport at Minneapolis a few times. North Dakota comes from flying into Grand Forks for a ConAdian meeting becuase the fare was cheaper (even including the drive to Winnipeg). I almost didn't count Colorado but forgot that I'd been to the Colorado Springs SMOFCon. On our long cross-country trip to the Lexingon SMOFCon, Lisa and I deliberately changed course to clip a corner of Iowa and to score Arkansas. On my several trips to Detroit I declined the relatively short swing down to Ohio in favor of several trips to Ontario instead.

Lisa hates airports and avoids flying wherever possible. (Note that she doesn't dislike flying; she dislikes airports.) Therefore, her map would be closer to completely red. I'd have to work hard to find states other than Hawaii and Alaska that she hasn't visited.

Update, September 27: Lisa points out to me that I have not been to Kansas.