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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Tuesday, September 27th, 2005

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CascadiaCon FGoH Speech Posted
I posted my Fan Guest of Honor Speech at CascadiaCon in a backdated entry for September 2, 2005 and behind a cut, so that anyone who wants to read it can do so but so nobody can claim that they had Too Many Words dumped on them either directly through LJ or indirectly through a reader like Bloglines that doesn't respect cuts. (As far as I can tell, backdated entries don't get into the feed that Bloglines reads.) I hope to someday develop an illustrated version that includes the various photos I put into the exhibit I did at NASFiC.

The link above is to the September 2, 2005 archive, and the speech is the second entry. If you prefer, you can go directly to the speech entry.

Current Mood: accomplished
Waiting It Out
I think I may have turned the corner on this cold. My medication cleared the congestion in my head sufficiently last night that I could sleep using the CPAP, which makes for a much more restful night's sleep. I'm still coughing and have a lot of chest congestion, but maybe I'm on the recovery side. I had to be up and about for a 7 AM conference call for work (which thankfully I could take from home), but I can't mute the speaker on this phone, so it was pretty obvious that I'm still not well, and my director told me that I should stay home today as well. I'm going to try resting some more -- fortunately for me, no additional work was generated by that conference call -- this morning, and work from home to the extent that I can this afternoon.

Current Mood: sick

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