September 30th, 2005

Conrunner Kevin

The Joys of Travel

Or not, as the case may be. I'm still here in my office at 9:30 PM, dealing with the last bits of things that I have to get resolved because I am indeed flying to Chicago (SFO-ORD) on Monday. I will be there all week, stay the weekend, then work Monday and Tuesday before flying back to the Bay Area. Then I'll have one day back in the office before flying to Portland for the weekend of October 14-16 for my wedding anniversary with Lisa. (The actual anniversary date is the 13th.)

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Being in Chicago means that I'll miss SiliCon. If I do get the intermediate weekend of October 8-9 off, I'm thinking of doing a bit of railfanning, about which more later if it comes to pass.
Conrunner Kevin

Wrestling With Quicken

I think I've figured out why Quicken won't update. I had "transaction download" activated, which allows the program to download transactions from the 401(k) plan administrator's web site. It looks like when you have that function activated, you're not allowed to manually update a 401(k) account, which means you can never get to the dialog that lets you set up new 401(k) loans. I think I need to turn the download feature off and manually update the account when the next quarterly statement comes in. Unfortunately, I may have already messed up the account in trying to set things up for the interim. I can't really wait two months for a paper statement when money is being taken out of my paycheck NOW -- the paycheck setup has to know where to put the deduction. Oh, well, I'll figure something out eventually.