October 2nd, 2005

Conrunner Kevin

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

I will shortly be off to the BART station to take the train up to San Francisco to attend today's final game of the San Francisco Giants' 2005 season. Alas, today's game has nothing left to play for -- in the last five games the Giants went from "a chance at winning the division" to "will finish third behind Arizona" -- but it should be a nice day in a great ball park, and who knows, I might even win one of the prizes.
Conrunner Kevin

If the Season Had to End Today...

...Then this was not the worst way to end it. The weather at Emperor Norton Field was nearly perfect. (I would have prefered a bit more overcast myself, as the sun was very bright and despite liberal application of sunscreen, I think I might have picked up some mild sunburn.) The seats were good, although Lower Box 135 and Bleachers 136 have almost identical views, the only thing extra you get in 135 is a full seat rather than a section of a bench.

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