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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Tuesday, October 4th, 2005

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Morning, Ugh
Here I am in Aurora, Illinois. I arrived last night, but didn't realize when I checked in that I had to arrange at the front desk to obtain an access code for the wireless internet service. By the time I determined that, it was after midnight and the front desk had closed. (Extended StayAmerica hotels do not maintain a 24-hour front desk.) It didn't seem important enough to worry about at the time, so I dealt with more important things like sleeping.

Travel tales, mostly uneventfulCollapse )

The hotel is exactly what I expected, which is good. Now that I have the internet connection, I'm all set. The $3.99 for the entire stay charge is very reasonable, and a nice change from the amounts I paid in the UK. The only thing I don't like is getting up at what my body clock said was 4 AM. Here's hope that I can stay awake this morning.

Current Mood: sleepy
Living with Diabetes
The results from my quarterly blood tests are back. I like that Palo Alto Medical Center puts the results on their secure web site and sends you an e-mail telling you they're available for review.

In case you care about test resultsCollapse )

This evening I took further advantage of having a kitchen and did some cooking. Among the things I bought on my shopping trip last night were some small Glad food storage containers, so that I could save leftovers, thus (a) further justifying the long-term stay room and (b) resisting the urge to eat too much "because it would go to waste otherwise."

Still, there was a lot of carbs in what I made: "chili dip," which consists of ground meat (I used turkey because it's lower in fat), refried beans (no fat variety), salsa, and cheese, served over rice with tortilla chips. I must exercise after eating this, so I went exploring the neighborhood. We're on the edge of some sort of business park, but fortunately there are sidewalks -- not always a given in this car-centered culture of ours -- and it's well lit, so I got in a 40 minute brisk walk, and a reasonable blood sugar reading, meaning I'm doing the right things. It's becoming a way of life, but I'm making a better person out of myself for doing so. And it's good to know that I can still eat a lot of things I like.

Current Mood: full

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