October 11th, 2005

Conrunner Kevin

Packing my Bags

Tomorrow afternoon, I'm heading back to the Bay Area, starting with a 1:45 PM flight on America West out of O'Hare. I originally thought I might leave early and try and catch an earlier flight, but after examining the America West flight schedule, I've concluded that going any earlier would require going much earlier, on account of I'd be fighting inbound commuter traffic on I-88, which is already conjested with road construction. There's no point in doing that, so I'll head out sometime after 9 AM, and I should be in SFO around 6:15 PM or thereabouts. I'll still have the slog on BART clear around to Fremont, and then a taxi ride from the station to my hotel, but it still seems to be the best option.

There's even a slight chance I could do the transfer from BART to the Capitol at Coliseum Station, but only if the flight is right on time (or early) and there is no delay getting the bags off the plane, because I have to catch a BART train no later than the 6:37 to make a connection with the 7:42 Capitol at Coliseum, where I'd have 12 minutes to make my way from one station to the other, which is cutting it close. Although the two stations are only a couple hundred meters apart, you have to go down, across, up, across, and down through winding passages to get from one to the other, or else dodge busy expressway traffic with a large piece of rolling luggage.

Speaking of luggage, my bag is going to be heavier going back, as I ended up buying books and videos -- mostly train related -- while I was here. Fortunately, I think I'm still within my weight allowance.
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