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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

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Nice to See I Haven't Lost My Touch...
This morning after eating breakfast and clearing out e-mail, I walked the mile or so to the barber shop. This took longer than it should have taken, because I was listening to a talk show on KNBR, and the topic of employer vs. employee perceptions of sick leave came up. A recent survey shows that employees come to work sick more often than employers think they do. This topic proved more call-provoking that the host expected, and I decided to call in. But when I got through, I needed to get away from the street because it was too noisy there. This held me up for fifteen minutes as I waited my turn. I was the last call of the show, but I had about 90 seconds, in which I told about having received an almost-negative job review for having taken sick leave; how newer "paid time off" systems give employees an incentive to come to work sick (so they can use the other days for vacation); and how in my own job, being able to work from home means that up to a certain point, I can still get my job done without risking contaminating everyone around me.

After this diversion, I continued to the barber shop, and after about a twenty minute wait (it's busy on Saturday mornings), the shop's owner took charge of me. My hair is thinning, but what there was of it was looking mighty shaggy. He advises me to keep my hair cut short; it makes the thinning part less obvious. I think he did a pretty good job of it.

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More Train Tales
I walked down to the Centerville Train Station this evening to observe the temporary arrangements I mentioned earlier this week. Because of track work between Fremont and San Jose, Amtrak Capitol trains are terminating at Fremont, and passengers for Santa Clara/Great America and San Jose are being transported by bus to/from Fremont. This evening, sitting at platform 2 waiting for a couple of buses was Amtrak 748, destination Sacramento.

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With nothing left to see, I headed home. Not especially exciting, but it's good exercise.

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