October 27th, 2005

Conrunner Kevin

Too Much Exercise?

Well, probably not, but I got a minor fright this afternoon. After having lunch (pea soup and crackers), I set off on my now-customary brisk walk. I was presented with much temptation at the market at the top of the hill, where they were having a sidewalk food fair, with lots of vendors giving away free samples. Particularly galling was having to turn down free samples of Schaffen Berger chocolate. I did take a mini sandwich (about two bites each) from the people selling turkey bacon and from Columbus Salame; however, as I was on my one-hour timer after eating and before a blood test, I wrapped the sandwiches in a napkin and kept walking. (The after-meal blood test is one hour after you finish eating.) I figured that if the reading was sufficiently low, I could afford the snacks.

So back in the office, I duly poked my finger and took a reading: 72. Yikes! That's too low!. Good thing I had all this extra food here -- I immediately ate the sandwiches, and took another reading an hour later: 126. Okay, that's more what I would expect. Whew.
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