October 30th, 2005

Conrunner Kevin


This morning, as reported by and organized by gridlore, Lisa and I headed over to Ardenwood Historic Farm to take on the Fremont Cornfield MAiZE. This was a pleasant 45 minutes or so, made easier by them providing us with a map. Lisa and I were there in our WSFS uniforms. I'm mildly annoyed with myself for forgetting to bring the tie with me, and I didn't even remember that I could have stopped by the house after the day in the park to pick it up; my mind was elsewhere.

After completing the maze, we went into the main park, which includes a horse-drawn railroad as well as the historic farm buildings.

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After all the time on the farm, we were getting a little tired. We picked up some lunch and headed back to the hotel. I changed out of my uniform before eating; to my astonishment, I survived a trip to a farm full of dirt wearing an all-white uniform with only a minor bit of dirt on my slacks (enough so that we put them into the washer as I'm wearing them again tomorrow). I didn't want to push my luck by eating while wearing the uniform as well.

Last night, while driving home, the left headlight on my van burnt out. Lisa reminded me over lunch that we needed to buy a new headlight; I'm glad she remembered it! So after eating lunch, we headed over to Pep Boys and bought two headlights, on the theory that we should change both to keep the light even and retain the still-working light as a spare. As the sun headed for the horizon, we replaced the lights and decided that we've done enough walking today. Besides, we have enough stuff left over from lunch and last night's dinner to make a dinner tonight, so we're "staying in."
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