November 10th, 2005

Conrunner Kevin

Heron vs. Pelican: Fight!

My regular commute route goes past the evaporating ponds near the Dumbarton Bridge, and many seabirds hang out there. This morning, the birds were arranged in a way I'd never seen before. Standing in a long row along the shore were a bunch of herons, and just off shore, facing them and thrashing the water, were a bunch of pelicans. At this point, in my head I heard fingers snapping and music from West Side Story, as I visualized this big showdown between the Heron and Pelican gangs.

Obviously, my commute is too boring.
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Conrunner Kevin

Captain Standlee's Memoirs?

Frank Wu has incorporated what I presume to be a copy of Captain Standlee's report of the Armadillo Affair into front page artwork for the Conrunner Wiki. I still can't look at the Wiki from work, as something about it continues to trigger my company's nanny software, which says it's blocking the site for reason "sex." And here I thought conrunning was boring to most people.