November 11th, 2005

Conrunner Kevin

Show Me the Money?

As I announced last month, Westercon 58 will be reimbursing the memberships of qualifying members. SFSFC has agreed to act as agent for reimbursement of US-based members who would otherwise find it difficult to cash a Canadian dollar cheque. It currently looks like I will collect a draft for SFSFC from CWSFA (Westercon 58)'s treasurer when I'm in Calgary on the weekend of the 19th. Then I need to work with the SFSFC Treasurer to clear the draft and get 27 checks written.

I don't think this will happen before (US) Thanksgiving, but those US-based members due reimbursement should get it before Christmas, depending on how quickly I can get the checks cut. Indeed, the most likely place for me to collect the checks is at a BASFA meeting, so when I know they're ready, I'll say so here -- some of you who live locally could come get the payments that night.
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Conrunner Kevin

I've Been Shot!

...flu shot, that is. As I'm in a high-risk group and need to get a flu shot and my employer won't be doing them this year, I went over to Palo Alto Medical Foundation's Fremont office for the flu shot clinic. I got there at 6:05 PM (they close at 7), and saw a line out the door and down the street. "Oh, no," I thought, but as I won't have any more opportunities, I queued up anyway. The PAMF staffer who was handing out the one page form we needed to fill out assured us that everyone in line by 7 PM would be served, which is good. And I was seriously impressed with how fast the line moved. I think it only took about 30 minutes to work through all those people. They seem to have turned out the entire PAMF clinic, and they did my shot in maybe a minute. I want to hand it to the staff doing the shots: even though they've been doing shots all day long, they were still chipper and friendly.

The high demand for shots is presumably due to worries over avian flu, even though this flu vaccine won't do any good against avian flu.