November 17th, 2005

Conrunner Kevin

The Incredible Shrinking Kevin

One of the things about having lost so much weight is that my clothing doesn't fit so well anymore -- and in the sense of being baggy instead of too tight, which is a new experience. I'm at about 265 pounds now (the pace of weight loss dropped substantially after the first sixty pounds or so, and I've stopped starving myself after the initial panic period), but I've been falling out of the size 44 slacks, and my size 18 1/2 shirts have been hanging pretty loosely. So as an experiment, I ordered two pair of size 42 slacks and two size 18 shirts, which arrived yesterday. The 42s are just slightly tight, but they do fit, and the 18 shirts are much better fits. I also need to drill a couple more holes in my belt -- I've run out of space on it. All of these things are good signs.

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When I get a chance -- which won't be for several weeks -- I need to take the box of size 46, 48, 50, and 52 slacks (yes, I've gone down that far) and take them to the nearby thrift store. Pity I can't use the tax write-off (because I don't have enough to justify itemizing deductions).
Conrunner Kevin

Who Needs Gloves When You Live in Paradise?

I'm off to Calgary tomorrow (out of SFO at 13:00) for a weekend meeting of CWSFA to discuss how to deal with the Westercon surplus, collect the cheque for the US membership reimbursements, and (probably) work out details of winding up the society once we've accounted for everything. I rather expect we'll have to have one more meeting sometime next year, but we might be able to manage it by conference call.

Weather in Calgary this weekend is supposed to be reasonable; no rain or snow, temperatures 0-15 C, light wind. I'll have my medium jacket and my Croix de Candlestick stocking cap. I went looking for my gloves this evening, and could not find them in any of the places I would expect them to be. It's not like I need them very often, after all. I think it's possible I left them in Oregon with my heavy winter-weight coat, as I'm more likely to need the coat and gloves there.

Rather than turn the apartment upside-down looking for a pair of gloves that has a good chance of not being there, I will just go buy a new set tomorrow morning before heading to BART to catch a train to the airport.