November 19th, 2005

Conrunner Kevin

Transit Geek Admits Error

I made a tiny error in buying my transit ticket yesterday, caused by my not realizing how Calgary Transit does their tickets.

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It only cost me $1.60 overpayment, but it's annoying when I get these things wrong.
Conrunner Kevin

Outdoor Refrigeration

Last night, one of the things I bought on my small shopping excursion was a six-pack of Diet Coke. The hotel room has a mini-fridge, but it's full of the hotel's stuff which they'll charge you for if you take it. There was just enough room for the litre of milk I bought, and no room for the drinks. So I set the six-pack on the balcony, on the grounds that it was colder out there than inside the refrigerator. It was below freezing, so I brought them back inside (but set right next to the window, inside the curtains) before going to bed. This has worked pretty well; at least the cans are as cold to the touch as they would be inside the 'fridge.

Off for breakfast shortly, then the five CWSFA directors will convene to discuss what to do next. If you don't see any more postings from me, you'll know that the Defenestration of Calgary has happened.
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