November 26th, 2005

Conrunner Kevin

Industrial Archeology

This morning, having had a very promising overnight blood sugar reading, I hazarded a bagel and half of one of the cinnamon rolls from the breakfast bar here at the hotel. (I love cinnamon rolls.) But if I'm going to eat a bunch of sugar and carbs, I need to exercise, and today was my day with no long-distance or time-consuming errands, so we decided to take a longish walk after breakfast.

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The walk must have worked, because my blood sugar was only 100 afterwards. I can have a burrito for lunch later today -- Yuba City now boasts a Chipotle burrito house -- without feeling too guilty about it.

I wish all of you at Loscon a good time, and part of me wishes I was there with y'all, but to some extent, spending four days on something of an actual relaxing vacation without a lot of stress is doing me a lot of good.
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