December 9th, 2005

Conrunner Kevin

Better Late Than Never

Evelyn Leeper has posted her Humongous Interaction Worldcon Report. (Due to Geocities' bandwidth restrictions, it may not be available when you try to click through to it. I had to try about half a dozen times until I finally got through late last night.)

As is Evelyn's wont, she concentrates heavily on Programming, only lightly touching on any of the other aspects of the convention. She does, however, say that she plans to nominate the opening speech of the Hugo Award Ceremony for Best Short Form Dramatic Presentation, which I plan to do as well as nominating Ready!Steady!Sew! -- but I am of course heavily biased, being the de facto Producer (or possibly Executive Producer) of both shows.

Evelyn's main knock on the convention was that there were not a lot of convenient places to eat immediately adjacent to the convention centre, which is true. By her standards, it would appear that one of the most important features of a Worldcon is that there be a food court attached to it, so that you can get a complete meal by missing only one programming block. While this is convenient, I wouldn't say it was my highest priority. And for that matter, I recall that in San Antonio (where there was indeed a food court and other restaurants adjacent to the convention center/hotel complex), I heard people complaining about having the shopping mall/food court so close, because it meant there were too many mundanes too close to us fans. So you really can't win. Also, it's unrealistic to expect every Worldcon to be in Boston.