December 10th, 2005

Conrunner Kevin

Chasing a Hard Drive

As I mentioned on Monday, the hard drive on Lisa's laptop appears to have failed. This is not a crisis, because the only thing lost was the latest game scenario on which she was working: everything else was backed up and can be reinstalled with only moderate hassle, we think. Dell said they'd send me a new hard drive, but getting that replacement drive is turning out to be more work than I expected.

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I'm not sure I'll ever learn why the package was not delivered this week. It's not that the replacement drive was critical -- I can install the drive on Lisa's the computer at my leisure anytime before I head up to Oregon on the 22nd -- but it could have been critical (if it had been the drive on my laptop, for instance), and I don't like normally reliable shipping solutions breaking down on me.
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