December 12th, 2005

Conrunner Kevin

Westercon Membership Reimbursements

This evening after work, I mailed all but two of the remaining US-bound Westercon 58 reimbursements. The last two are on hold because one of them has what the US Postal Service says is an invalid address, and the other because it turns out the person paid in USD but has a Canadian address, so we're trying to contact him and find out which currency he wants his reimbursement.

Because of the pending postal rate change, I've not been restocking stamps, so I had to stop by the San Mateo post office to buy fourteen 37-cent stamps. And of course the vending machine was out of order -- it won't take coins, although it will take bills, but I only had $4 in bills. Fortunately for me, that office is open late weeknights this holiday season, so after a ten-minutes wait -- there were three people ahead of me, all with complicated cases -- I finally managed to get the stamps needed and dispatched the payments.

I also added a cover letter from me on SFSFC letterhead explaining why their Calgary Westercon money was coming from a Bay Area organization.
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