December 17th, 2005

Conrunner Kevin

Rained Out

Today, cherylmorgan and I headed up to Treasure Island, intending to see the opening season match of the San Francisco Golden Gate Rugby Club against the San Jose Seahawks. This was the first time I'd ever been on Treasure Island, and I very nearly missed the exit -- I drive over the Bay Bridge so rarely that I didn't realize that it was a left exit until Cheryl pointed it out. Somehow, I managed to make my way across five lanes of heavy traffic without causing an accident, and off we went. I also was totally disoriented about where we were on the island, but eventually we found the rugby pitch. I would suggest that SFGGRC should put directions to their playing field on their web site, rather than just assuming that anyone reading their site already knows where it is.

Unfortunately, there isn't really much provision for spectators at the field, and definitely nothing under cover. It started raining on us as we stared up I-880, and was pretty heavy when we drove by the field and watched the teams warming up. We decided that we didn't want to get soaked standing out in the cold rain, and drove back to the bridge. We then continued on to San Francisco. Our goal: the Ferry Building.

The renovated Ferry Building Marketplace in San Francisco is now home to an array of good food shops, something I didn't know until our friend Raven O'Neill took me there earlier this year. Cheryl had never been there, so since we were more or less in the area, we decided to give it a go. I hate driving in San Francisco, but I did manage to find a curbside parking space with less trouble than I expected, and we broke out the umbrellas and headed to the building.

There was lots of good food of all sorts, including what we ended up buying: good cheese, good bread, and interesting meats from the butcher, in this case elk burgers and 1.5 pounds of wild boar. I've had elk -- my relatives used to go elk hunting -- but not boar, and I'm looking forward to trying it tomorrow, as well as trying all this neat cheeses purchased at Cowgirl Creamery.

Even the fast food from Taylor's Automatic Refresher -- in my case the Wisconsin Sourdough burger with mushrooms, bacon, cheddar, and BBQ sauce, with garlic fries -- was excellent.

If it were easier for us to get there, this place could end up doing serious damage to our bank accounts.
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