December 18th, 2005

Conrunner Kevin

A Quiet (and Wet) Weekend

Today was a good day for staying home, what with the rain coming down steadily -- during the 49ers game the Emergency Alert System came on to issue a severe weather warning for area counties -- and so I tried to take things easy. My Christmas shopping is done (although I have one package left to wrap), my cards are sent, and now I just have to get ready for the train trip to Oregon on Thursday evening. (No wireless access on the Coast Starlight, so there will be no station-to-station coverage this time; besides, it's an overnight trip, and I've paid enough for the sleeper compartment that I want to get some sleep on the trip.)

We tackled the array of Good Cheese purchased in San Francisco yesterday, and I can confirm that it is indeed very good.

Alas, we did have a couple of errands that needed doing today, and cherylmorgan further suggested that, as it was too wet to go out for a walk, that we head over to the local mall and get a walk there. We did so as the first errand, but managed to avoid spending any money there. Not that I got as much exercise as I would have liked, because you can't walk briskly in a shopping mall loaded up with the heaviest load it ever gets. (The parking lot actually came close to completely filling up, which is something I've never seen before.) A blood sugar test came due while we were there, and I was surprised, given how much bread I'd eaten with the cheese, to have a reading <100.

Anyway, our main errand was to stop by Orchard Supply Hardware and buy things (which we did need) so we could get the 2006 OSH train calendars. OSH has been doing these calendars for years, and I really like them. (We picked up drain cleaner that I have poured down a balky toilet in my bathroom and which is (I hope) clearing a clog.)

One more stop to pick up some groceries missed yesterday, and then it was back home. As luck would have it, we got into the van just as the rain, which had gone away for a while, came back with a vengeance. It was one of those days when I was really glad that I have covered parking.
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