Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Learning Curve

I had not originally intended to be the one doing the video editing and uploading of the SMOFCon 37¼ programming videos, but was happy to take a shot at it using AVC, the software I have at hand. It's not perfect — for example, it can only do cuts to the second, not to the frame —, but it let me do what I wanted, and I decided that good enough today was better than perfect a week from now. After the videos posted, we noticed that in some cases, when someone was doing a screen-share presentation, AVC was snapping the frame to the presentation, ignoring the inset box with the presenter's face. Consequently, the top third of those boxes was getting cut off. For whatever reason, it only happened to some of the videos, even though, as far as I could tell, I had the same settings for all five source videos (nine resultant segments). While I plan to do some experimentation to see if I can find settings that don't "decapitate" the insets, I do not plan on making extraordinary efforts. The insets weren't the point: the presentations were. I do want to see if I can learn what I did wrong, though.

One other bit of news about the presentations: Jannie Shae added the extra captioning file for the 2023 presentation so that you can see (if you turn closed-captioning on) the way we put the questions in writing, at the request of the Chengdu bid. Again, we're still learning how this works.
Tags: smofcon

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