January 23rd, 2006

Conrunner Kevin

Happy Birthday, Fremont

Thanks to cynthia1960, I have had it brought to attention that the city where I live, Fremont, California, celebrates its 50th anniversary today.

Fremont consists of four smaller towns that incorporated together. Apparently it was planned to be five, but one of the members of the party opted out, and that is why Newark, California is an enclave completely surrounded by the city of Fremont.
Manga Kevin

Positive Worldcon News Story

It's rare that you see a news story about Worldcons that is both accurate and positive about the convention. It's even more rare when such an article has something to do with the bidding process. But this article in the Columbia College (Illinois) Chronicle manages to do both. It's an article about the 2008 Worldcon site selection race, with a focus on the Chicago bid (not surprising) and their "To Serve Fan" bidding theme. The article manages to explain Worldcon and the bidding process without either lecturing or making fun of us. It's sufficiently accurate that I would assume someone in Fandom wrote it, although I confess that I do not recognize the article author's name.

It is somewhat sad, though, that I do have a default assumption that anyone not already part of Fandom who writes about it will automatically get their facts wrong.