January 26th, 2006

Conrunner Kevin

Taxes Done Already

I have a pretty simple income tax situation (income from wages, a little bit of interest), so it was only an hour or so of communing with TurboTax last week to complete my income tax return. It would have been less, but I went ahead and worked through the questions to see if the money I spent on medical expenses and on convention expenses attributable to SFSFC might add up to enough to matter (it does not).

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The state income tax refund is already credited to my bank account. The federal refund should be here next week sometime. Neither is very large. Had it been a larger amount, I would have increased my 401(k) contribution from its current 10% to offset it accordingly. Why should I loan money to the government for nothing when it can be earning me interest in my 401(k) account? The fact that the refunds are small means I've got the factors just about right.
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