January 27th, 2006

Manga Kevin

SeaTac Ho!

In a few minutes, I'm off to Fremont BART on the first leg of the journey that should take me to Last Guest Con, the fannish farewell to the about-to-be-closed SeaTac Radisson (formerly Hyatt), site of the 1961 Worldcon and many SF conventions over the years, most recently RustyCon and half of CascadiaCon. (The hotel is being torn down to make way for the new light rail system.)

I've only been there a few times myself -- including two stays not directly during a convention, such as the time I got bumped off a flight and Alaska Airlines put me up there. However, besides the historic aspects, this is also a birthday present for Lisa (her birthday was the 16th; we planned this trip instead of me going to Oregon last weekend).
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