February 3rd, 2006

Conrunner Kevin

It's Emperor Norton Field, Darnit!

Well, we knew this was coming: SF Giants' home field to become AT&T Park.

This will be the second name change since the park opened as Pacific Bell Park, thanks to the acquisition of Pacific Telesis Corp. by SBC, followed a few years later by SBC buying AT&T and renaming the resultant company AT&T. I'd like to think this will put an end to the name changes for a while.

During the park's initial phase, some of us joked that they'd named the field for a pioneering Korean baseball player. (I hope y'all can figure that one out, and I hope it isn't considered offensive in these politically correct times.)

Me, I prefer the idea of naming the park for the city's most famous resident, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of these United States and Protector of Mexico.
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Manga Kevin

Postscript on FurCon

In an earlier post and those following it, I mentioned the kirigumi costumer I saw at Further Confusion. I have run across a photo of this costume here. The player is identified as "Ayano" in another forum, but with no other information.
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