February 5th, 2006

Conrunner Kevin

Ready for the Big Game

No party here -- I'm by myself -- but I'm all set for the Super Bowl. I've cooked a batch of "chili dip" (ground pork, refried beans, picante sauce, cheese, served over rice and eaten with tortilla chips) which seems an appropriate meal for Couch Potato Day. I even got out for a walk this morning, albeit not the long 6 km loop of yesterday.

The pre-game show interests me not at all, however, so instead I'm watching the Poker Superstars Championship instead, which wraps up just before the game.
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Conrunner Kevin


Pittsburgh 7, Seattle 3. Yoda's vision didn't extend to him covering the (7,3) square the office pool.

Now for the halftime show. Seems to me that the Rolling Stones aren't the best choice for a Detroit Super Bowl; something Motown would be more in keeping with the venue.

Some amusing commercials so far. Nothing I'd consider really exciting. Burger King sure must have dropped a bundle on that production number; I like their own self-parody.

And the chili dip, despite being loaded with carbs, did not lead to an out-of-range blood sugar reading. Yay!
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Conrunner Kevin

Third Quarter

Pittsburgh 14, Seattle 10. Not looking good for my x8/x6 pool numbers.

For some reason, the Sprint commercial in the first slot -- the one that ends with "Yakity Sax" -- struck me as really funnny. Nice job of recreating a Benny Hill sequence, down to including the little bald guy who keeps getting hit on the head.
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Conrunner Kevin

Nice Job, Antwaan

I love gadget plays. So does Pittsburgh. And John Madden even reminded us earlier in the game that Randle El had been a quarterback. Reverse to a long pass: touchdown.

Now, personally, I need Pittsburgh to get one more converted touchdown and for Seattle to kick two field goals. Not very likely, however.
Conrunner Kevin

Turn Out the Lights...

Condolences to Seahawks fans: Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10. But what were the Seahawks thinking with that clock management at the end of the game?

And, back at the office pool, the $200 fourth quarter + $200 end-of-game jackpot for (1,0) goes to Michelle, the woman who organized the pool in the first place.
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