February 6th, 2006

Conrunner Kevin

Minor Mystery at EmCit

As I came back from my walk at lunch (about which more later), I got a phone call from cherylmorgan, who in a worried tone of voice told me that Emerald City was off-line. I checked from my work machine (via the company firewall, Internet Explorer) and hit reload, and it came up just fine. I tried on my personal machine, on a friendly nearby open wireless connection, (no firewall, Firefox), and it also came up fine.

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While we work on the issue, I posted a message on the EmCit blog to let the regular readers know that there is an interruption of service for an unknown period.
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Conrunner Kevin

Another Fifteen Seconds...

As I mentioned recently, while the SF Giants' baseball stadium is about to be renamed AT&T Park, I and some of my friends continue to call it "Emperor Norton Field." While I was out on my afternoon walk, listening to KNBR 680 sports talk, the subject of the ballpark name came up on the Rick Barry with Rod Brooks program. On a whim, I called up the show. It must be a slow day, because there were only two callers ahead of me before I got on the air and gave them the spiel about what we call the ballpark.

They laughed, and Rod said, "I don't think the Giants care what you call it as long as you keep buying tickets."

"You're probably right," I said, and finished up by saying, "In about a generation, young baseball fans will be wondering why the Giants' ballpark was originally named for a Korean baseball player," and hung up, as that pretty much was all I had to say.

Rod said, "What the? Korean? AT&T, SBC, Pac -- D'oh!" as he got it, and they both laughed, I think. "I'm afraid Kevin in San Mateo has been writing his own material. Didn't you have anything better to do this weekend?" But they were chuckling and groaning over it, so I thought I did okay.
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