February 16th, 2006

Conrunner Kevin

No Soup For Me

Last September, I wrote about a pea soup recipe that I like. I started to make it a couple of days ago, doing the hard part (chopping the potatoes and carrots) first. When I went to the cupboard for the split peas, I found that we were out. So I put the prepared potatoes and carrots away and the next day went to Safeway, where I've always bought that particular brand of split peas. (I've found that the ordinary split peas you'll find with the regular dried beans are not as good as the Arrowhead Mills Green Split Peas.)

They're gone. Not just sold out, but the place where they were on the shelf has a different, unrelated product, and there is no longer a product tag for it on the shelf.

I tried several other stores, including Piazza's, the high-end grocery near my office. No luck.

I've written to the manufacturer to find out if they still make it. I note that the product listing's picture has gone away.

I'll be annoyed if they've discontinued the product. I know it's only dried split peas, but I'm a creature of habit.
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