February 20th, 2006

Conrunner Kevin

Still No Soup For Me

As I mentioned several days ago, my local Safeway appears to have stopped carrying a brand of split peas that I like. I wrote to Safeway and got a response:
Thank you for your recent correspondence with your product request for Arrowhead Mills Split Pea Soup.

Unfortunately, we do not currently carry this product. We apologize if this inconveniences you in any way. We realize how important one stop shopping is to our customers. Your request has been forwarded to our Buyers for future consideration. Thank you again for taking the time to submit your product request.
Phooey. I'm going to try the Whole Foods in San Mateo when I get a chance, and mail order if that doesn't work. Of course, Arrowhead may have simply stopped making the peas.
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Conrunner Kevin

Spam Storm

A couple of days ago, my e-mail account was deluged with spam. Much of it was being caught by the filters, but there was a lot more of it than usual. I was getting more spam in an hour than I usually get in a week. Just dumping the spam filter was getting time consuming, and not all of the messages were getting caught in the filter. Examining a few of them, I found that they were all pretty much the same spam item, all being sent to [various random names]@conjose.org. I have been the default address for [anything not otherwise defined]@conjose.org for a while now, so I was getting every one of those messages.

In order to turn off the tap, I had to go and change the default mail handling so that mail to anything but one of a fairly small number of defined mail aliases@conjose.org is discarded without reading. This means, by the way, that nearly every e-mail alias on the con's web site is now defunct, as I haven't had time to go through and create mail alias "recipies" for them. Not that many of them were being used; I think we may have had one or two more or less real messages in the past year or so.
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