February 24th, 2006

Conrunner Kevin

An Oft-Heard Voice Retires

Anyone whose day normally starts, as does mine, by turning on a CBS radio affiliate has heard the CBS World News Round-Up, a morning radio news program that is a fixture of the CBS radio schedule. Yesterday, the program's regular host, Christopher Glenn, retired after 35 years with the network.

I had only just woke up yesterday when I turned the radio on to KCBS, so I may have misheard what happened, but I think what I heard on what presumably was Glenn's last broadcast was Glenn introducing a news story but instead having Charles Osgood deliver a short tribute to Glenn and wishing him a happy retirement. Glenn was apparently taken completely by surprise, and, with a catch in his voice, delivered for the last time the signature line, "Time on the Round-Up is six minutes past the hour."

Glenn's voice, but not his face, have been part of the background sound of my life going back to my childhood, as he also did In The News, a series of short news items aimed at young people and broadcast during Saturday morning cartoons when I was growing up. Mark Evanier has another take on Glenn's career on this entry on his News From ME weblog.
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Go, Canada!

Well, Canada's men's ice hockey team might have slunk home with their tails between their legs (along with the US team), but their curling team did them proud. I was working from home today so I got to see the gold medal final live.

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Now I can go back to getting sleep at night instead of staying up late and getting up early to watch curling matches.