February 25th, 2006

Conrunner Kevin

Walking the Walk

This morning, I went for a short walk before breakfast in the hope that it would bring my blood sugar down below 110 (didn't work; 115), and a longer one after breakfast to again reduce blood sugar below 140 (didn't work; 145). That's what I get for skipping my daily walks twice in the past week. The effect of exercise is cumulative but it also stops working pretty quickly.

As it supposed to rain tomorrow, I got out and took a longer (6 km) walk out around Quarry Lakes Park late this afternoon. It was a bit later than I wanted, too, as it had become dark and cool enough for the mosquitoes to come out, and that's not pleasant at all. But I got the walk done.

Spring appears to be springing a little prematurely here, as I'm showing all the signs of hay fever. Unfortunately, I can't take antihistamines anymore because they raise blood pressure; otherwise, I'd be turning to Actifed.
Olympic Logo

Olympic Sidebar

This afternoon, the NBC Olympic coverage presumably ran out of things to cover, so they filled most of the last hour with a documentary called "Mercury of the Mountains" about Italian bobsled champion Eugenio Monti. Among the most famous story involves the 1964 games, when a bolt broke on the sled of Great Britain's Tony Nash and Robin Dixon, and they found they had no spare. Monti said, "Have your mechanic meet my sled at the bottom after my run. I'll let you have a bolt off my sled; I won't need it after that." And he did -- and the GBR sled won the gold. What great sportsmanship! Monti did eventually get his gold in 1968.

A side note mentioned in this story that I did not know: the 1960 games in Squaw Valley were so underfunded that they didn't build a bobsled run. Sheesh!

I'd point people to the video, but I can't find it on the NBC Olympics site, and a Google search for the title turns up nothing. I expect that if there ends of being some sort of Olympic memory DVD set, this will be one of the "extra features" on it.