March 23rd, 2006

Hugo Trophy

Kudos to the Hugos

Cheryl points to the full story on her blog as well, but as one of the people who has administered the Hugo Awards several times and who has been actively involved in the rule-making process for them, I was particularly pleased to read this comment from Patrick Nielsen Hayden:

The Hugos...are a model of transparency, democracy, and accountability. In this as in so many other aspects of the SF subculture, volunteer fan-run institutions prove themselves to be far more competently administered than their "professional" counterparts.
Thank you, Patrick! It's nice when people notice the work we've put into this, and comments like this offset the uninformed nonsense that people have been known to spew about the Hugo Awards, including implications that the entire process is rigged, or assumptions that of course the nominee list is under the thumb of the administrator.